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Updated: Apr 22

A Abalone Shell Healing Properties: Carries the soothing energy of the ocean.

Protective energy. Is said to increase attractiveness of the wearer. Enhances the energy of love. Increases your intuition. Helps you overcome a weak mind. & many more! Agate Healing Properties: Balances your energy. Improves memory, vitality, and hearing. A good grounding stone. Helps you feel connected to the earth. Increases security and self confidence. & many more!

Amazonite Healing Properties: Known to promote universal love and intuition. Soothes emotional trauma. Boosts self confidence. Helps you speak your truth. Calms the soul. Facilities personal growth. Balances the emotions. & many more! Amethyst Healing Properties: Brings stability and peace. The stone of spirituality. Wards off negative energy. Supports overcoming addictions and bad habits. Aids in connecting you to spirituality. & many more! Angel Aura Quartz Healing Properties: Connects you to the angelic realm. Radiates peace and positivity. Attracts luck and success. Enhances intuition. Aids in communication. Reduces anxiety and depression. & many more! Angel Aura Quartz Colors: Green- Cleanses negativity from the heart chakra. Sunrise- Stimulates the sacral and root chakra. Uplifts your spirit and inspires creativity. Supports positivity. Embodies the energy of new beginnings. Aqua- An excellent stone for psychic work. Aids the upper chakras. Angelite Healing Properties: Aids in contact with the angelic realms. Stimulates your psychic gifts. Helps you deal with difficult emotional situations with a calm attitude. Works strongly with the throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Dispels fears. Encourages forgiveness. & many more!

Apache Tears

Healing Properties:

Comforts and grounds you through your healing process.

Helps our blocked emotions start to flow again.

A gentle stone for overcoming traumas or emotional wounds.

A purifying and protection stone.

Cleanses your aura.

Provides psychic protection.

& many more!

Apatite: Healing Properties: Enhances motivation. A growth stone. Increases psychic gifts. Cleanses the aura. Powerful for use in meditation. Clears confusion. A great manifestation stone. Helps heal past life issues. Enhances mental telepathy. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Encourages relaxation.

Creates a connection between the physical and spiritual.

Clears blockages.

Raises your vibration.

Releases suppressed emotions.

Connects you to the angelic realm.

Great for past life regressions.

Strong connection to the akashic records.

Known as a light activation crystal.

Opens your third eye.

Strengthens telepathy and psychic gifts.

& many more!

Aquamarine Healing Properties: Promotes psychic abilities. Counteracts negative energy. Brings mental clarity. Promotes courage. Supports you during meditation. Helps facilitate closure. Helps to calm you and purify your energy. Promotes compassion. Relieves anxiety and depression. Helps you tap into, and speak your truth. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Helps you heal emotionally.

Clears blocked chakras.

Brings emotional strength.

Stabilizes spiritual development.

A grounding stone.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

Stimulates kundalini energy.

Sends healing vibrations to the heart chakra.

Awakens stagnant heart chakra energy.

Brings the heart and crown chakra together, helping to awaken a more compassionate side of you.

Lowers stress levels.

Connects us with our deepest self.

A great stone for beginning a new relationship.

Helps to heal trauma from this life and past lives.

& many more!

Aura Rose Quartz


Provides emotional support through self love.

Promotes heart centered awareness by working with the heart chakra.

Helps one live in alignment with their souls needs.

Raises your vibration.

Helps you forgive yourself and direct your love inward.

& many more!

B Black Agate

Healing Properties:

A grounding stone.

Attracts luck and success.

Provides tranquility.

Keeps you calm in stressful situations.

Helps you overcome fears.

Provides mental strength.

Increases concentration and clarity.

Promotes goodwill.

Aids in overcoming flaws and loneliness.

& many more!

Black Kyanite Healing Properties: Revival Stone - sends powerful healing to all chakra centers One of the most grounding stones Helps with dream work Enhances Energy Dispels conflict Stimulates Psychic Development & many more! Black Moonstone Healing Properties: A crown chakra crystal. Has all the properties of white moonstone with extra focus on the new moon. A great stone for any new endeavor, relationship, or new pregnancy. Very protective, deflects negative energy, and turns it to light. & many more! Black Sardonyx Healing Properties: Absorbs negative energy. A stone of strength and protection. Vibrates with happiness, optimism, and confidence. Helps bring order into your life. Helps you regain motivation. A great grounding stone. Helps you better focus and pay full attention to the task at hand. Helps increase willpower and mental discipline. Replenishes your energy after a draining experience. Instill self confidence. Helps you gain a better understanding of your intuitive downloads. Helps you handle close relationships with ease and find peace at every step of life. & many more! Black Tourmaline ​Healing Properties: Protection from negative emotions and intentions. Clears the aura. Grounds you. Protection from electro-magnetic frequencies. Unlocks energy blockages within your body and/or home. Secures your emotions, soothes anxiety. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Helps you deal with adversities.

Helps one think clearly and calmly. Enhances intuition.

Encourages motivation, confidence, and courage.

Brings honesty and integrity to relationships.

Increases creativity.

A grounding a protective stone.

& many more!

Blue Agate

Healing Properties:

Helps build self confidence.

Raises consciousness and awareness.

A great channeling stone.

Aids clairvoyance.

Helps you access knowledge from other dimensions.

Teaches one divine order.

Helps one understand their intended path and how to go after it.

& many more!

Blue Aragonite Healing Properties: A powerful stone for healers and spiritual teachers. Helps you sympathize with others. Enhances your communication skills, both spiritual and non-spiritual. Resonates with the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. Relieves stress. Increases compassion. Brings joy and optimism. & many more! Blue Aqua Obsidian: Healing Properties: Used for psychic defense. Helps you channel the mystic properties of water. A stone of the mind. Encourages intuitive power. Enhances telepathy. Aids in astral travel. & many more!

Blue Aventurine

Healing Properties:

Helps one recognize their psychic gifts.

Removes what is blocking the third eye so it can be opened.

Helps you let go of selfish thinking and bad habits.

A healers stone.

A stone of self discipline and inner strength.

Used for dream work and finding the akashic records.

& many more!

Blue Calcite

Healing Properties:

Works with the throat and third eye chakra.

Helps psychics receive messages.

Aids in psychic development, clairvoyance, and telepathic communication.

A calming stone.

Great crystal for students.

Relaxes people who are energetically sensitive.

Sleeping with this crystal aids in vivid dreams and dream recollection.

Encourages peaceful communication.

& many more!

Blue Chalcedony Healing Properties: A calming stone. Reduces fear, anxiety, and doubt. A communication stone. Promotes clairvoyant and telepathic gifts. Enhances listening skills. Helps you accept new situation. Promotes new ideas. Improves memory. Linked to the throat chakra. Encourages you to stay in the present moment. & many more!

Blue Goldstone

Healing Properties:

The stone of ambition.

Builds energy, courage, and a positive attitude.

Increases drive and confidence.

Associated with the throat chakra.

Helps us accept who we are.

& many more!

Blue Howlite

Healing Properties:

Has the ability to calm your anger and absorb anger directed at you.

It's soothing energy can reduce tension and anxiety.

Calms the mind for meditation.

Brings patience.

Helps one communicate their emotions.

Reduces insomnia.

& many more!

Blue Lace Agate Healing Properties: Stabilizes your energy field. Encourages truth in communication. Promotes peace and relaxation. Supports personal growth. Promotes forgiveness. Soothes anxiety. Gently opens and expands the consciousness. & many more! Blue Quartz Healing Properties: Enhances organizational abilities. Bring self discipline and orderliness into your life. Balances your throat chakra. Clears communication from your throat chakra to your other chakras. Helps you tune into your higher self. & many more! Blue Tiger Eye Healing Properties: Reduces stress and anxiety. Enhances leadership abilities. Releases fear, phobias, and limiting beliefs. Enhances your psychic skills. Helps banish negative habits. Instills peace and calm. Protects your aura. & many more!

Brecciated Jasper


A combination of red jasper and hematite.

Cleanses and balances your aura.

A protective and grounding stone.

Removes energy blocks and returns it to the source.

Prevents psychic attacks.

Inspires compassion.

Improves your intimate relationships.

Helps you tune into your emotions.

Intensifies passion and romance.

Promotes sexual healing and intimacy.

Works with the root and sacral chakra.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

A grounding stone.

Offers protection.

Helps put plans into action.

Returns negative energy back to sender.

Encourages aligned action.

Helps one be of service to others.

Promotes curiosity.

Increases discernment.

Boosts the energy of love.

Encourages equality.

Strengthens confidence.

Eliminates indecisiveness.

& many more!

Brown Zebra Jasper Healing Properties: The stone of opportunity and success. All about action and decision. A stone of manifestation. Brings your dreams to reality. Called the stone of anti-apathy. Associated with the root chakra. Grounds you and repels your negative thoughts. & many more!

Bumblebee Jasper


Promotes confidence.

Encourages optimism.

Boosts creativity.

Instills courage.

Encourages you to appreciate the small moments in life.

Promotes honesty.

Known as a “wake up call” stone.

A great catalyst for change and improvement in your life.

Helps you manifest the “impossible”.

Promotes awareness.

Clears blockages.

& many more!

C Caribbean Calcite


Stone of the mind.

Promotes higher consciousness.

Stimulates psychic gifts.

Strengthens inner visions.

Activates the mind.

& many more!

Carnelian Properties: Helps you embody courage and vitality. A grounding stone. Attracts success. Promotes the ability to solve problems quickly. Protects you from other's negative emotions. Enhances libido. Attracts financial wealth. & many more!

Cat's Eye

Healing Properties:

Enhances mental clarity.

Helps you concentrate.

Transmutes negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Protects against negative energy.

Regulates your mood.

Promotes good luck.

& many more! Celestite Healing Properties: Connects you to the angelic realm. A gentle uplifting stone. Purifies and cleanses the energy in a room. Restores balance to dysfunctional relationships. A cosmic teacher. Dispels unfounded worries. Enhances psychic abilities. Purifies the aura. & many more! Chalcedony Healing Properties: A communication stone. Helps to calm your emotions. Reduces fears and stress. Helps us accept new ideas and situations. & many more!



Helps you notice synchronicities.

Promotes spiritual awareness.

Cleanses your etheric body.

Connects to the crown chakra.

Helps you release old habits & relationships that no longer serve your highest good.

Helps you focus.

Improves your attention span.

Deepens mediation.

Enhances intuition.

Increases discernment.

A stone of inspiration and power.

& many more!

Cherry Quartz Healing Properties: Known as the charger stone. Brings back the rhythm and energy of your life. Promotes drive and action into your life. Brings your life back to balance. Boosts energy. Purifies your energy. Helps you with problem solving. &many more! Chrysocolla

Healing Properties:

Connects to the heart and throat chakra.

Helps one to communicate their emotions.

Aids in honest and divinely inspired communication.

Enhances one's feminine energy.

Brings comfort in times of stress or change.

Increases your capacity to love.

Great for anger management.

& many more!

Chrysoprase Healing Properties: Boosts abundance and prosperity. Helps depression and anxiety. Stimulates feelings of joy and happiness. Attracts new love. Helps to induce deep meditative states. Draws out your inner talents. Simulates creativity. Encourages fidelity. & many more!

Chrysoprase Citron

Healing Properties:

Reminds us that life is good and meant to be enjoyed.

It helps us to see the silver lining in difficult situations.

Activates psychic abilities and allows us to hear messages from our spirit team.

Helps us love unconditionally even when it may seem hard. Helps us put our ego aside and see a situation from a new perspective.

Aids in balancing our emotions.

Encourages healthy habits for your mental and physical health.

Helps us understand complex information.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

Awakens your inner genius.

A great stone for alchemy and transformation.

Physically, it can be used to heal circulatory conditions.

A stone for abundance and prosperity.

Amplifies your manifestations.

Helps one overcome feelings of anger, fear, and jealousy.

Enhances intuition.

Facilitates meditation.

Helps you focus and think more creatively.

Opens and protects your root chakra.

Helps with kundalini awakening.

Aligns personal will and divine will.

Increases self confidence in business.

& many more!

Citrine Healing Properties: The Money Magnet Stone Attracts wealth, success, and prosperity Creates a stronger willpower A stone of happiness & many more! Clear Quartz Healing Properties: The most healing of all stones.

Enhances clarity. Cleanses and restores the soul. Helps to clear mental blocks and improves focus. Opens, activates, and clears chakras. & many more! Coffee Calcite Healing Properties: Helps cleanse negative energy. Reduces stress. Opens awareness. A grounding stone. Helps you draw in your financial manifestations. & many more!



Good luck for money and love.

Balances all chakras.

Boosts energy.

Helps to organize your thoughts.

Promotes independence.

Boosts optimistic energy.

An energy conductor.

Strongly connected to Venus and Aphrodite.

& many more! Crazy Lace Agate Healing Properties: The laughter stone. Sometimes called the happy stone. A supportive and encouraging stone. Brings joy. Enhances grounding. Instills inner strength. Protects you from outside energies. Encourages clear decision making. & many more!

D Dalmatian Jasper Healing Properties: Provides joy and playfulness. A strong protective stone. Provides balance. Protects against radiation. Protects against negative energy. Helps stop irrational thought flow. An uplifting stone. Can reduce depression and nightmares. Helps you break down barriers you may have created for yourself. & many more!

Desert Rose

Healing Properties:

Used to dissolve outdated thought patterns.

Strengthens your ability to meditate.

Activates, clears, and aligns the chakras.

Helps you access information from your future and past self.

Promotes self confidence and self worth.

Promotes heart centered awareness.

Clears negativity from surrounding objects.

Promotes prosperity.

Purifies energy.

& many more!



Teaches you the value of trust and forgiveness.

Assists in reconciliation.

Helps you let go.

Makes you aware of your gifts.

Balances your energy.

Brings good luck.

A stone of opportunities.

Cleanses away negative energy.

Helps you overcome denial and improve self confidence.

Brings positivity.

Aids in problem solving.

& more!

Dragon's Blood

Healing Properties:

Works with the heart chakra.

A healing stone that supports courage, vitality, and strength.

Supports you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Keeps you centered and grounded.

Helps in breaking old habits and reintroducing new ones.

Assists with healing.

Stimulates kundalini energy.

Increases fertility and creativity.

Attracts wealth.

& many more!

Dragon Stone Healing Properties: Activates and unlocks the heart. One of the best stones for those looking to work on themselves, so that they may be better for the ones close to them. This stone attracts the energy that you put out, very much a karmic stone. Teaches you the importance of a positive outlook on life. A very powerful manifestation tool. & many more! Dumortierite Healing Properties: Encourages patience. Promotes mental clarity, organization, and self-discipline. Helps with developing psychic gifts. Works with the third eye chakra. Associated with inner guidance. Clears blocked and suppressed emotions. Assists you in taking control of your life. Helps you connect with your spirit guide(s). & many more!



Healing Properties:

Promotes focus.

Symbolizes growth.

Encourages sensitivity.

Enhances friendships.

Aids in recovery.

Provides contentment & loyalty.

The stone of infinite patience & inspiration.

Embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

Increases your energy.

Helps overcome victimhood.

Eases anxiety and depression.

Increases perception and spiritual growth.

Enhances emotional growth.

Increases social awareness.

Works with the heart chakra.

A powerful manifestation crystal.

Clears repressed feelings.

Attracts those who are beginning their healing journey.

& many more!

F Fire Agate Healing Properties: A grounding stone. Sends negative energy back to sender. Awakens the lower chakras. Enhances life force enrgy. Promotes creativity. Instills courage. Encourages relaxation. Helps you go towards your endeavors with passion. & many more! Fluorite Healing Properties: Enhances intuition and taps into the subconscious mind. Improves physical mobility. Increases creativity, self confidence, concentration, and decision making. Stimulates out power to manifest and bring our ideas to life. Shuts down psychic and mental manipulation. Removes negative energy. & many more! Fuchsite Healing Properties: Known as a healers stone. Aids healers to be of service. Helps with insomnia. Give you the courage to keep going during bad times. Encourages positivity, joy, and relaxation. This stone will help you achieve emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Stimulates self healing. & many more! G Gabbro Healing properties: A very high vibrational stone. Can increase the intensity of other crystals. Highly protective. Balances the past and present. A grounding stone. Balances masculine and feminine energy. Increases and helps you understand your spiritual gifts. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Cleanses and reenergizes the chakras.

Inspires love and devotion.

Inspires success in business matters.

A protective energy stone.

Used to release bad karma.

Balances sex drive.

Lessens emotional disharmony.

Stimulates passion and creativity.

Can be used for kundalini activation.

& many more!

Golden Healer Healing Properties: A master healer stone. Works with the solar plexus, crown, and third eye chakra. Powerful for connecting with source energy. Helps ease change. Encourages focus. Attracts luck. Enhances energy. A grounding stone. & many more! Goldstone Healing Properties: A healer of the throat chakra. Helps you become more grounded. Increases generosity. The gemstone of perception and knowledge. Helps us remember our light within. Shows us a brighter path to reach our dreams. Activates the root and sacral chakra. A stone of ambition. It builds energy, courage, and positivity. & many more!

Green Agate

Healing Properties: Connects with the heart chakra.

Brings balance and stability to one's life.

Attracts wealth, abundance, and success.

Calms mood swings and brings deep inner peace.

Promotes forgiveness and happiness.

A stone of new beginnings.

& many more!

Green Aventurine Healing Properties: Known as the stone of opportunity and growth. Used to promote success. Works strongly with the heart chakra. Is a comforting and calming stone. Absorbs EMFs. Boosts your creativity. Brings prosperity. Diffuses negative situations. Promotes compassion and empathy for yourself and others. Helps to relieve migraine headaches. Helps us move forward confidently. & many more! Green Calcite Healing Properties: An excellent mental healer, helps you restore balance to your mind. Helps you step out of your comfort zone and remove needless redundant situations in your life. Raises your energy. Brings abundance and prosperity to your home. & many more! Green Fluorite Healing Properties: Clears your mind of distractions. Helps you make decisions aligned with your higher good. Enables the release of emotional trauma. Helps to free you from harmful addictions. Allows you to heal your heart chakra. Spiritually strengthens your aura. Dissolves fears and overwhelming emotions. Works with your brain to increase your memory. ​& many more! Green Goldstone Healing Properties: Strongly connected to the heart chakra. Helps you bring more abundance into your life. Brings emotional healing. Provides protection. Helps you gain a peaceful mindset during all situations. & many more!

Green Jasper

Healing Properties:

Brings completion.

A stone of balance. 

Heals obsessions. 

Releases disease. 

Soothes the spirit.

Re-energizes the body.

Banishes evil spirits.

Clears negative thoughts. 

Restores harmony in the emotional body.

The ultimate sleep stone. 

Increases fertility. 

& many more!

Green Kyanite Healing Properties: Aligns the chakras. Aligns with the heart chakra to help you see the truth in all situations. Enhances your intuition. Connects you to the nature realms and the elemental beings within them. & many more!

Green Moonstone


Known as the feminine reflection stone.

Opens and balances the heart chakra.

Encourages loving energy.

Brings emotional balance.

A calming stone.

Helps you go with the flow of life.

Helps you embody goddess energy.

Promotes freedom.

Eases feelings of anxiety.

Helps with grief recovery.

A fertility stone.

& many more! Green Obsidian Healing Properties: Connects to the heart chakra. Provides an unlimited field of white light. Helps you heal others without drawing on your own energy. Teaches the importance of self love. Removes hurdles and makes way for growth and movement & many more!

Green Onyx

Healing Properties:

Brings you energies of youth and fertility.

Strengthens your endurance.

Stimulates imagination and creativity.

Encourages you to become a more dependable person.

Alleviates fears and worries.

Helps you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

Encourages wise decision making.

& many more!

Green Opal


A powerful transformation stone.

Known as the "stone of life."

Infuses you with a fresh dose of enthusiasm.

Increases stamina.

A seer stone, reveals the unknown.

Heals the heart.

Strengthens all relationships.

Improves memory.

Helps heal trauma.

Reveals personal strength.

Calms emotions.

Comforts you while grieving.

& many more!

Green Sardonyx

Healing Properties:

Grounds you after spiritual work. 

Promotes happiness, confidence, and optimism. 

Enhances partnerships. 

Promotes integrity.

A great stone for studying. 

Known as the stone of divine courage and wisdom. 

Reveals to you the path that will lead you to the best outcome. 

A stone of strength and protection.

& many more!

Green Tourmaline

Properties: A protective stone.

Balances your chakras.

Removes blocks from your aura.

Attracts money and success.

Transmutes negative energy.

Promotes spiritual growth.

Helps you manifest your goals.

Inspires compassion.

Enhances stamina.

Supports self healing.

Works with your heart chakra.

Stimulates joy.

Inspires self compassion.

& many more!

H Hematite Properties: Excellent for blocking negative energy. Protects both you from negative and others from receiving negative energy from you. One of the most effective grounding stones. Counteracts confusion, providing you with a clear mind. Supports action towards your highest goals. Opens chakras. & many more! Herkimer Diamond Properties: Emits their own energy while magnifying the frequencies of other stones. Purifies your energetic field. Stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Used to enhance meditation. Activates the crown chakra, stimulating inner visions and dreams. & many more! Howlite Healing Properties: Brings calm and relaxation. Releases attachments. Clears your communication with higher dimensions. Eases sleep patterns. Increases understanding and patience. Boosts motivation and ambition. Helps you achieve your goals. & many more! I Ice Calcite Healing Properties: A cleansing and revitalizing stone. Helps you see the world with a new perspective. Suited for the development of spirituality. Helps increase confidence. Promotes quicker thinking and actions when called for. A stone for finding solutions. Perfect stone for meditation. & many more!

Indigo Obsidian


Brings peace.

Works with the third eye chakra.

Connects you to the spiritual realm.

Helps you balance your mind.

Associated with the element of water.

Brings clarity.

A calming stone.

Great for overthinkers.

Helps you achieve your personal goals.

& many more!

Iolite Healing Properties: One of the best stones for the third eye chakra clearing and activation. Encourages spiritual visions and messages, especially while dreaming. Improves empathy and understanding. Relieves insomnia and prevents nightmares. Amplifies the intuition and your creativity. & many more! J Jade Healing Properties: Brings Prosperity. Promotes wisdom, balance, and peace. Strengthens your connection to divine love. Improves self confidence. Helps you trust in the abundance of the universe. Promotes a positive attitude. Increases luck. Removes toxic influences from your life. & many more! K Kambaba Jasper Healing Properties: A stone of spirituality. Helps to calm you. Works with the heart chakra. Helps plants grow. Gives hope and healing to a broken heart. Cleanses your aura. Attracts prosperity. & many more!

Kiwi Jasper

Healing Properties:

A nurturing stone.

Helps you tap into the unconditional love of the Universe.

Offers emotional balance to those who often help others.

Encourages relaxation during trying times.

Absorbs negative energy.

Balances your chakras.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

A stone of divine love.

Helps you listen to your heart.

Opens the heart to love and acceptance.

Helps release negative emotions and judgements.

Relieves anxiety, stress, and depression.

Helps remove fear from the heart chakra.

Brings empathy and understanding to any relationship.

Attracts loving, spiritual relationships.

& many more!

Kyanite Healing Properties: A great stone for meditation. Is said to align all chakras instantly. Balances divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Dispels energy blockages. Calming. Drives away anger. Encourages perseverance. A very high vibrational crystal. Can enhance intuition and telepathy. Opens communication with higher dimensions. & many more!

L Labradorite Healing Properties: Deflects unwanted energy Banishes insecurities and fears Stimulates Intuition Stabilizes your aura Promotes mental sharpness Reduces anxiety and stress Balances hormones & many more! Lapis Lazuli Properties: Stone of truth and wisdom. Increases intuition and other psychic gifts.

Encourages open and honest communication.

Great crystal for school or for work. Activates the third eye and throat chakra. Helps you access past life memories.

Clears emotional baggage.

Helpful for dream work. Encourages you to connect with your spirit team. & many more! Larimar Healing Properties: Known as the stone of Atlantis. Embodiment of the sea and the sky. Attracts peace, love, and wisdom. Encourages quiet confidence and clear communication. Dissipates stress. Works with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Helps you release emotional ties. Facilitates healing unresolved issues. & many more! Larvikite Healing Properties: A very protective stone that wards off negative energies. Refines your discernment. Helps you prioritize. Enhances psychic abilities and inner visions. A grounding stone. Helps us see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self. & many more! Lava Stone Healing Properties: Used for dream work. Enhances creativity. Strengthens communication. Cleanses negativity. Works with your root chakra. Known as the stone of strength and power. Helps soothe anger. Brings stability. & many more! Lemon Onyx Healing Properties: Helps with healing wounds. Regulates organ function. Strengthens your back. Used by healers to heal physical ailments in the eyes and ears. Helps to soothe anxiety and depression. Associated with logic. Helps you know when to keep quiet. & many more! Lemon Quartz: Healing Properties: Increases clarity of thought. Increases creativity and optimism. Helps keep you organized. The stone for natural potential and awakening. Brings positivity to your life. Perfect for those who may feel lost in life or disconnected from others. & many more! Leopard Skin Jasper Healing Properties: Assists in self healing and spiritual discovery. Helps to further personal growth. A powerful gemstone for stability, protection, and grounding. Provides stability. Attracts good energy. A very powerful third eye chakra stone. Attracts prosperity. Restores your connection with your mind, body, and spirit. Provides emotional comfort. Helps you uncover the tools to heal yourself. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Protects you from negative energy.

Used for astral projecting.

Brings courage, strength, and energy.

Helps attract only what you need.

A symbol of personal growth.

Invites good luck.

Boosts wealth.

Encourages compassion.

Relieves stress.

Helps quit bad habits.

Promotes inner strength.

If you're single it will give you courage to talk to whom you choose.

If you're in a relationship it will alleviate any conflict or disharmony.

Reduces and fear or guilt from past trauma.

Increases creative abilities.

& many more! Lepidolite Healing Properties: Relieves Stress.

Connects the heart, mind, and spirit.

Helps us understand our emotions.

Great for meditation.

Encourages self love.

Combats anxiety and depression.

Gently stimulates change.

Stabilizes mood swings.

Wards off negativity. Helps you heal from old relationships. Aids with connecting to higher self and divine beings. Encourages Independence. & many more!

Lepidolite w/ Pink Tourmaline


A calming stone.

Perfect for dream work.

Enables you to easily recall your dreams.

Decreases stress, anger, depression, and PTSD.

Helps you release addictions.

Helps you recover from abuse.

Provides emotional support.

Wards off negative energy.

Relieves motion sickness.

& many more!

M Mahogany Obsidian Healing Properties: Clears negative beliefs that resulted from abuse or trauma. Helps with ancestral healing. Eases depression and anger. Brings the subconscious to light. More gentle than obsidian for aiding in shadow work. A stone of forgiveness, inner strength, self acceptance, and self confidence. & many more!

Malachite Healing Properties: A strong protection stone. Clears and activates the chakras. Helps you tune into spirit. Encourages risk taking and change. A stone of transformation. Breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns. Teaches one how to take responsibility for their own actions, thoughts, and feelings. Some refer people to this stone for a smoother cleansing than moldavite. & many more!

Malachite Azurite

Expands Awareness.

Protects against negative energy.

Stimulates the 3rd eye.

Activates psychic powers.

Makes one less vulnerable to attachments.

Helps you move forward.

& many more! Milky Quartz Healing Properties: Enhances feminine energy. Helps you tackle unpleasant, but unavoidable tasks. One of the most powerful, yet underrated healing crystals. Eliminates negative energy. Gives us support to learn our life lessons. Helps us to free ourselves from limitations. & many more! Mookaite Healing Properties: Aids in decision making. Keeps your spirit feeling youthful. Helps with resolving ancestral trauma. Provides clarity and focus. Helps with motivation, willpower, and inspiration. Works well with the solar plexus and root chakra. Encourages exploration and adventure. Moonstone Healing properties: Helps build your intuition. Connects you to your divine feminine energy. Helps bring about new beginnings. Helps to calm the mind. Enhances patience. Restores mental balance. Balances the digestive and reproductive systems. Known to enhance fertility and promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth. A charm for creativity. & many more!

Moss Agate

Healing Properties:

Brings balance and stability to one's life.

Known to attract wealth, abundance, and success.

Brings deep inner peace.

Calms mood swings.

Promotes forgiveness and happiness.

A stone of new beginnings.

It attracts new business and business expansion.

Heightens awareness to practical matters.

Encourages growth.

& many more!

N Nephrite Jade Healing Properties: Strengthens and brings longevity to the wearer. Protects against misfortune and failure. Helps to overcome any darkness in you and bring out the best version of yourself. Brings luck when gambling. Protects against the evil eye. Brings victory to athletes. & many more!


Healing Properties:

Removes negative thought patterns.

Enhances the dream state.

Encourages you to use your gifts.

Increases luck and makes you aware of synchronicities.

A grounding stone.

Helps release trapped energy.

Protects you from psychic attacks.

Helps you master your gifts.

& many more!



Healing Properties:

A powerful protection crystal.

Clears psychic smog.

Helps reveal anything standing in the way of your spiritual growth.

Often called the wizard stone.

The stone of truth.

Increases self control.

A psychic protection stone.

Helps you feel empowered.

& many more!

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties: Helps you see the positive and release negativity. Perfect for stress relief. Helps you see situations from a higher perspective. Inspires action. The round spots represents life coming full circle. Reminds us to put out what we want to receive back. Gives one courage to communicate freely. & many more!

Ocos Agate

Healing Properties:

A stone of love.

Brings abundance, harmony, and good luck.

Helps to heal issues with the eyes, stomach, and uterus.

Enhances creativity.

Strengthens the mind.

A great stone for students.

& many more!

Onyx Healing Properties: Encourages a healthy ego. Improves your ability to assert yourself. Stimulates thought and logic. Improves concentration. A powerful protection stone. Helps to heal old injuries and trauma. Amplifies telepathic connections. Alleviates depression. & many more! Opalite Healing Properties: Increases Psychic Abilities Increases Spirituality Helps Transitions Ideal for Meditation Enhances Communication Offers persistent energy Activates Personal Power Enhances Self Esteem All around healing & many more! Orange Aura Rose Quartz Healing Properties: Connects to your sacral chakra. Removes creativity and sexual blockages. Enhances your confidence. Manifests spiritual vision into your daily life. Brings unconditional love. Gently draws away negative energy. & many more!

Orange Aventurine

Healing Properties:

Boosts confidence.

Enhances creativity.

Increases energy.

Promotes relaxation.

Aids you in decision making.

Assists in shadow work.

Helps to calm intense emotions.

Encourages inner reflection.

Facilitates guided meditations.

& many more!

Orange Calcite

Healing Properties:

Referred to as a ray of light in the form of a crystal.

Energizes and restores energy.

Cuts out any laziness that may be blocking your creativity.

Used for emotional, creative, and sexual issues.

Brings motivation to divine ideas.

Alleviates depression.

Increases confidence.

A great crystal for inner child work.

& many more!

Orange Selenite Healing Properties: Grounds both your physical and spiritual body. Helps to create an environment for peaceful spiritual practices. Connects to the moon and the earth. Cleanses the sacral chakra. Carries the healing properties of regular selenite. & many more! P Peacock Ore Healing Properties: The stone of joy. Used to create happiness. Helps with depression and loneliness. One of the strongest healing minerals. Causes transformation that removes negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Helps digestion and arthritis. Helps to remove the illusion that you and God are not one. Casts out ideas and thoughts that no longer serve you. Connects your heart and mind. & many more!

Picasso Jasper

Healing Properties:

Promotes inner clarity.

Stimulates creativity.

Dissolves blockages.

Decreases stress.

Renews old friendships and nurtures new ones.

Strong grounding and calming properties.

Increases willpower and self discipline.

& many more!

Picture Jasper

Healing Properties:

Connects you to the earth. 

Stimulates creativity.

Calms anxiety. 

Encourages visualization, helps you visualize your ideas and dreams. 

Helps you release stress and insecurity. 

Provides strength during trying times. 

& many more!

Pink Agate Healing Properties: Stimulates intuition and imagination. One of the oldest stabilizing stones. Neutralizes anger. Builds passion. Protective. & many more!

Pink Botswana Agate Healing Properties: A comforting and protective stone. Soothes those that are grieving or experiencing loneliness. It's quiet energy centers you for meditation. Supports love and the strength to look for solutions. Balances your mind, spirit, and body. Gives inner stability. It will keep you strong and brave in the face of challenge. Works to protect you in all aspects. Provides composure and maturity. Boosts self confidence. Helps you to see the greatness in your present life. & many more!

Pink Chalcedony Healing properties: Encourages empathy and feelings of inner peace. Promotes feelings of reassurance and trust. Traditionally worn by mothers to protect their children. & many more!

Pink Megano Calcite Healing Properties: Enhances energy flow from the crown chakra to the heart.

Brings you peace and serenity. Helps you attract opportunities that teach you about universal love. Helps healers forge a strong connection with the one they’re healing. Soothing to hold in your hand, great for meditation. Beneficial for those going through any type of emotional trauma. Helps you make new experiences and let go of anything that no longer works for you.

Clears blockages.

Promotes spiritual growth.

Connects you to higher realms. Encourages self confidence. Brings love to your aura. A gentle and nurturing stone. & more!

Pink Onyx Healing properties: Comes in many colors, the pink color means that this stone works well with the heart chakra. Prevents energy drainage. Guards against psychic attacks. Infuses you with emotional strength and determination to see things through to completion. Helps improve your memory. & many more!

Pink Opal

Healing Properties:

Clears the aura.

Brings tranquility.

Attracts good luck.

Helps release past traumas, excessive worry, anxiety, fear and stress.

Bring emotional stability.

Helps you openly express yourself.

Liberates you from shyness.

Opens the heart for love, trust, and compassion.

&many more!

Pink Tourmaline


Infuses your aura with love and kindness.

Helps to heal the heart from emotional wounds.

Brings love and good humor back into your life.

Raises your vibration and lifts your mood.

Eases stress and anxiety.

Fills your soul with divine love.

Encourages gentleness and compassion during times of change.

Helps you regulate your emotions.

Connects the heart and crown chakra. Transforms stagnant energy into renewed passion. Said to help with motion sickness and sleep issues. A relaxing and nurturing stone. ​& many more!

Pink Zebra Jasper


Enhances courage & motivation.

Aids in problem solving.

Helps one tap into the infinite love of the universe.

Reveals the truth of who others really are.

Helps us see past the illusions in our lives.

A grounding stone.

Protects you during astral travel.

Promotes optimism.

& many more!

Prehnite Properties: A stone of unconditional love. Enhances meditation and induces deep sleep. A protective stone. Increases energy. Known as a stone of prophecy. Helps you connect to higher dimensions. Enhances spiritual growth. & many more! Purple Agate Properties: Promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Encourages security. Encourages confidence. Known as the stone of strength. Balances energy. Strengthens intellect. Helps ground you. A stone of meditation and transformation. Opens the spiritual flood gates to a realm of endless possibilities. Gives us the space to be our spiritual selves. & many more! Pyrite Properties: Protects from negative energy Attracts money, luck, and wealth Grounds, Balances, and Centers Supports you in finding your path Boosts Energies Promotes Optimism for the future & many more!


Que Sera


Helps to shift your perception on life.

Gently encourages you to surrender your worries and to let things unfold for their highest good.

Bring serenity and peace of mind.

Enhances clairaudience.

Helps ease anxiety and depression.

Helps you overcome negativity.

Connects your awareness to higher dimensions.

& many more!

R Rainbow Hematite


A stone of balance.

Provides clarity.

Brings peace.

Helps those with sleep disorders, digestive issues, and more.

Instills joy, passion, and creativity.

Boost mood and confidence.

Expands consciousness and raises your vibration.

A grounding stone.

Wards off negative energy.

& many more!

Rainbow Moonstone Properties: Heightens you’re psychic gifts. Helps you accept your natural powers. Promotes inspiration and self development. Increases sensitivity. Promotes inner balances and harmonizes the divine feminine energy. Known to protect travelers. Encourages moving into the unknown with perception. Balances women’s hormones with the moon cycle. & many more!

Rainbow Obsidian


A stone of joy and love.

Alleviates depressed thinking and helps enhance one's mood.

Helps to release things that do not serve you spiritually.

A very protective stone.

Helps you find the root cause of your traumas.

Helps you release ties with the past.

Helps cleanse and align all chakras.

& many more!

Red Calcite


Opens a closed heart.

Attracts love.

Reduces stress and hypertension.

Soothes imbalances.

Reduces fatigue.

Activates inner energy.

Rejuvenates the entire physical body.

A grounding stone.

Provides protection.

Helps to release negative emotions.

Believed to heal diseases.

Increases will to live.

Balances sexual energy.

Supports reproductive health.

A powerful healing stone.

& many more!

Red Jasper Properties: Brings you courage. Encourages independence. Raises kundalini energy. Motivates you to chase your dreams. Invokes a positive mindset. A grounding stone. Clears negative energy. & many more! Red Tiger Eye Properties: Also known as the survival stone. Helps give you the motivation you need to move forward in life. Helps you complete your goals enthusiastically. A strong grounding stone. Known to be effective against blood disorders such as anemia. Increases self discipline and willpower. Brings good luck and prosperity. Helps one see clearly. & many more! Rhodocrosite Properties: Helps with healing of childhood emotional wounds. Helps you to feel free and happy. Removes irrational fears. Assists in meditation. Opens the heart. Encourages compassion. Intensifies passion in relationships. Promotes unconditional self love. & many more! Rhodonite properties: Helps you identify your unique gifts and talents. Helps to heal physical and emotional wounds. Strengthens the bond in love relationships. Encourages forgiveness. Balances inner yin and yang. Assists you in connecting your heart to your mind. Grounds your spiritual practice. & many more!

Rhyolite Bird's Eye


A stone of change and progress.

A stone of protection and regeneration.

Balances the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies.

Cleanses your aura.

Helps to align your chakras.

Sparks creativity in those who are ready to move forward in their life.

Encourages awareness in each moment.

Strengthens the mind and the body.

& many more!

Rose Quartz Healing Properties: Promotes self love. Elevates joy, happiness, and positivity. Calms anxiety. The stone of love and affection. Stimulates creative energies. Teaches patience. Opens feelings and heals the heart. Works with the heart chakra. & many more! Ruby Healing Properties: An energizing stone. Brings passion. Strengthens your courage. Promotes optimism. Encourages exploration of new ideas. Facilities divine love. Opens the heart chakra. Enhances motivation. Stimulates tantric energy. Raises kundalini energy. & many more!

Ruby Feldspar

Healing Properties:

Heals and balances emotions.

Helps one become more emotionally aware as well as connect with others emotionally.

Helps with the expression of love.

Facilitates passion and bliss.

Helps us see the nature of true love.

Aligns all the chakras.

Encourages strength, insight, and courage.

Assists us in finding fun and unconventional ways of achieving our goals.

Helps develop your psychic abilities.

& many more!

Ruby Fuchsite Healing Properties: Provides unconditional love. Stimulates intuition. Connects to the heart, crown, and third eye chakras. Converts negative energy into positive. & many more! Ruby Kyanite Healing Properties: Encourages one to follow their heart. Increases psychic abilities. Stimulates mental concentration. Encourages release. Helps set realistic goals. Aids in manifestation. & many more! Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties: Unifies patience and passion. Boost individuality and independence in relationships. Restores peace. Balances the aura, especially when stressed. Strengthens the immune system. Assists in releasing deep rooted fears. Encourages creativity. & many more!




A stone of spiritual power, intuition, and loyalty.

Attracts joy, peace, and serenity.

Relaxes the mind for better sleep.

Enhances spoken words like prayers, affirmations, and mantras.

Fosters commitment in relationships.

Amplifies self expression, allowing you to speak your truth.

Promotes psychic awareness, activation, and protection.

Enhances focus.

Connects you to higher realms.

A stone of wisdom.

& more!

Sedona Red Jasper

Healing Properties:

Brings self discipline.

Promotes courage.

Increases independence.

A stone of strength and kindness.

A vitality stone.

Can be used to to stimulate sexual interest, sustain physical fitness, or maintain a diet.

Stimulates life force energy.

Works with the sacral & root chakra.

& many more!

Selenite Healing Properties: Cleanses and charges other crystals. Builds the psychic gift of clairaudience (we all have this power, the strength of it depends on the individual) Cleanses the aura. Connects you to the angelic realm. Wands are used detach entities and prevent external influences. Known to pinpoint lessons and issues that are still unfinished and help you work on them. & many more!

Septarian Healing Properties: An excellent guidance stone. Helps you communicate with and connect to mother Earth. Enhances communication skills. Allows for better patience, tolerance, and emotional flexibility. A grounding stone. Gauges an underlying cause of an illness. Can absorb your energy and transform it to strength. A stone of connection and self confidence. & many more! Serpentine Healing Properties: Activates kundalini energy. Clears chakra blockages. Encourages spiritual exploration. Promotes healing. Helps with past life regression. & many more! Shiva Lingam Healing Properties: Represents the divine feminine and divine masculine, the, body and the soul. Charges the entire chakra system. Activates kundalini energy. Boosts vitality. Intensifies libido. A stone of inner transformation. & many more! Shungite Healing Properties: Known as a detox stone. Protects from harmful EMFs. A powerful grounding stone. Concentrates and restores all that is good. Assists in spiritual evolution. Shields you from all kind of negative energy. Promotes positivity. & many more! Smokey Quartz Healing Properties: Highly protective and grounding Mood lifting Enhances survival instincts Transmutes negative energy into positive energy Activates root chakra Promotes Organization, focus, and patience Helps you let go of old wounds Promotes clarity & many more! Snowflake Obsidian Healing Properties: A purity stone. Balances the mind, body, and soul. Helps one recognize change and unhealthy patterns. Supports personal growth. Releases mental blockages. Reveals the truth in any situation. Facilitates past life regression. Keeps you grounded. & many more! Sodalite Healing Properties: Intensifies the need for truth to see clearly. Boosts intuition. Strengthens your self esteem. Encourages logical thinking. Calms the mind. Protection against electromagnetic smog. Helps to release old mental conditioning, allows for a new way of thinking. & many more! Strawberry Calcite Healing Properties: Clears emotional blockages. Elevates the spirit. Known as a potent energy cleanser. Enhances sexual and creative energies. Solaces depression. Awakens your motivation and willpower. & many more!

Strawberry Quartz

Healing Properties:

Promotes heart centered awareness.

Provides a soothing energy.

Attracts love.

Helps you shift negative to positive.

Helps you release trauma.

Expands the twin flame journey. (those on a tf journey)

Helps with emotional strength.

& many more!


Healing Properties:

Assists in emotional healing.

Gently removes chakra blockages.

A stone of transformation.

Aids in meditation.

Assists with past life regression.

Teaches the purpose of life on earth.

Brings stability.

& many more!

Sunset Sodalite


A combination of sunstone and sodalite.

Raises your vibration

Encourages honesty.

Promotes optimism.

A transformation stone.

Helps you reach financial abundance and clear debt.

Helps you save money.

Encourages you to seek out new opportunities.

A stone for truth seekers.

Encourages authenticity.

Teaches patience.

& many more!

Sunstone Healing Properties: Helps draw in your manifestations. Accentuates wise leadership. Carries the happy energy of the sun. Brings passion, and good fortune. Facilitates optimism and increases self worth. Encourages the aspects of enlightened male energy. ​& many more! T

Tangerine Quartz

Healing Properties: Raises ones vibration, especially after trauma. Enhances creativity. Increases sex drive. Brings calm and understanding to past events. Helps us find compassion towards those who have hurt us. Helps restore the fun in life. Enhances the evolution of self. Invokes passion. Works with the sacral chakra. & many more!



Helps you speak from the heart.

Increases compassion.

A stone of transmutation.

Connects you to your etheric chakras.

Gives one a profound understanding of divine love.

Powerful for psychics and mediums.

Relieves stress.

Encourages slowing down and stillness.

Great for work and meditation.

Helps you stop dwelling on problems so you can experience more joy.

Promotes self control.

& more!

Teal Agate Healing Properties: Known as the protector of children. A soothing and peaceful stone. Alleviates stress. Realigns the body. Raises self awareness and consciousness. Said to induce pleasant dreams. & many more!



Encourages compassion and joy.

Helps you heal from abuse.

Stops self destructive behavior.

Improves focus.

Helps you overcome shyness.

Encourages curiosity and problem solving.

Connects to the heart chakra.

Guides you to tap into your personal power.

A stone of self acceptance.

& many more!

Tiger's Eye Healing Properties: Stone of protection. Enhances confidence, will power, and integrity. Brings in good luck and prosperity. Known to keep you safe while traveling. Helpful for dispelling fear and anxiety. & many more! Tiger Iron Enhances creativity Boosts endurance and strength Boosts personal power to help you overcome difficult situations & many more! Topaz Healing Properties: Assists with public speaking. Promotes truth and forgiveness. Brings joy and good health. Brings abundance. Known as a stone of love and good fortune. Releases tension. Induces relaxation. Aids in problem solving. Assists in expressing your ideas. & many more!

Tourmalinated Quartz Properties:

Converts negative energy into positive energy.

One of the best stones for shadow work.

Balances your energy.

Provides a strong grounding energy that amplifies your intuition.

Aids in problem solving.

Powerful for psychic protection.

A detoxifying crystal, helps you kick addictions.

Helps you resolve inner conflict.

Releases blockages.

& many more!

​Tree Agate Healing Properties: Roots you into the earth so you feel more grounded. Instills a deep appreciation for nature and all living things. Allows you to channel messages from tree spirits. Aids in physical, mental, and spiritual growth. A stone of both material and spiritual abundance. & many more! Turquenite Healing Properties: Dyed blue howlite. Calms an overactive mind. Deflets negative energy. A calming stone. Helps in speeding up success. Restores depleted vitality and lifts your spirits. Relieves stress. Protective stone for those trying to achieve success. Brings focus back to the heart center. Helps one to recognize the causes of happiness and learn how to master their emotions. A strengthening stone. & many more! Turquoise Healing Properties: Enhances your intuition. Allows your soul to express itself. Drives away negative energy. Stabilizes your mood. Helps us see that we create our own luck. Helps one to be honest and confident in communication with others. & many more! U Unakite

Properties: Creates emotional balance.

Brings success in new ventures.

Helps you commit to tasks.

Removes blockages that limit your growth.

Attracts healthy relationships. Encourages gratitude. Helps with addictive behaviors. & many more! V

Vera Cruz Amethyst


Promotes spiritual growth.

Connects you with your spirituality.

Instills an attitude of compassion.

Promotes loving and kind thoughts.

Helps you recognize and address issues arising from a lack of compassion.

Enhances the nurturing aspects of your personality.

Opens your heart to receiving divine guidance and love.

Helps you connect with your guides so that you can better serve your community.

Opens your eyes to important life lessons.

Promotes deep states of meditation.

Stimulates your intuition and inner knowing.

Encourages you to appreciate the present moment and the gifts it has to offer you

Vesuvianite Properties: Helps you connect to your higher self. Frees you from the limitations you set on yourself. Helps you heal past life issues. Builds clairsentience. Aligns you with your heart's true desires. & many more! W White Opal Healing Properties: Counteracts negativity. Brings luck and prosperity. Brings success to dating life. Enhances joy in marriages. Bring you more energy. Promotes positive outlooks. Enhances sexual energy. & many more! Y

Yellow Aragonite


Promotes focus and concentration.

Great for students.

Raises your vibration.

Perfect for meditating.

Brings peace to chaotic situations.

Connects to the element of earth.

A grounding stone.

Keeps away nightmares.

Promotes environmental friendliness.

Protects you from the mood swings of others.

Diffuses stress caused by work/responsibilities.

& many more!

Yellow Aventurine

Healing Properties:

Opens and balances the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Helps those who are indecisive.

Helps you deal with your emotions.

Encourages you to take back control of your life.

Empowers your manifestations.

Encourages you to express yourself authentically.

Increases abundance and prosperity.

Enhances creativity.

Eases anxiety.

Fills one with compassion and understanding.

Absorbs and protects you from EMF's.

Balances your yin and yang energy.

Removes toxins.

& many more!

Yellow Jade

Healing Properties:

Brings joy and happiness.

Teaches the interconnectedness of all beings.

Aids the digestive system.

Keeps harm away.

Invokes wisdom from tranquility.

Attracts good luck.

Enables self sufficiency.

Brings self confidence and courage.

Works with the solar plexus.

Helps to release emotions in a healthy manner.

& many more!

Yellow Obsidian Healing Properties: Improves self esteem. Helps you feel grounded in our out of a relationship. Provides protection against negativity and psychic attacks. An energizing stone. Increases prosperity and abundance. & many more!


Zebra Jasper


Helps you stay balanced between the earthly plane and the astral plane.

Protects you during astral projection.

Promotes optimism.

Helps you tap into the infinite love of the Universe.

Encourages you to find joy in your environment.

Wards off negative energy.

Promotes clarity.

Stimulates the root chakra.

Redirects procrastination, encouraging you to complete tasks.

Helps you see past the illusions of your life and see the truth of who others really are.

A grounding stone.

Helps you solve difficult problems.

& many more!

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