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Survival Mode: OFF

  • 7Weeks

Survival mode is a state of mind that keeps you trapped in fear, scarcity, and self-imposed limitations. It leaves you feeling disconnected from the flow, and prevents you from experiencing the abundance that surrounds you. Most of the world is operating in survival mode. Workshop Benefits: Conquer your mind. Feel at ease knowing you are supported by the Universe.  Learn practical and effective healing techniques. Become a master of shadow work.  Learn to control your emotions. Clear blockages. Learn how to use a pendulum (pendulum is not required). Heal at your own pace - this is a self paced course. & more! I decided to save myself just as I had been saving everybody else in my life. I asked myself, "If someone came to me with the exact mindset  that I have, how would I guide them out of it?" After that, the Universe lead the way and guided me through creating this workshop. I recorded every step. I knew that this would be a formula that could pull so many others out of survival mode. But I truly had no idea how big this transformation would be. You will experience this same transformation with me, seemingly in real time, the ups, the downs, the tears, the joy, and the epiphanies. Although we are all unique, survival mode has very similar themes. This is a formula that works for everybody.  Disclaimers: This workshop is intended for spiritual growth and advancement, it is not to be substituted for medical advice. No part of this workshop may be reproduced.

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