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This mentorship program is designed to help individuals strengthen their faith and deepen their understanding of spirituality. Through a series of one-on-one mentoring sessions, participants will be guided through various spiritual practices and teachings to help them grow and develop their personal connection with their chosen spiritual path. The program focuses on providing tools and strategies that will enable you to thrive in any situation you encounter. Mentorship is personalized, taking into account where each individual currently is in their life, and using that as a guide to create a unique experience for them.


During the mentorship, we will cover topics such as synchronicities, meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, energy healing, and connecting with your intuition. We will also discuss any challenges or obstacles that may be hindering your progress and work together to overcome them.


The program consists of 11 one-on-one sessions that last up to one hour each, conducted via Zoom. You have the flexibility to schedule your sessions at your own pace and when you feel ready to move forward.


Before the first session, you will receive a welcome kit. The kit includes a custom pendulum that will be made specifically for you by consulting with your spirit/guidance team and identifying what will guide you to building your faith.


Additionally, the welcome kit includes all three of my books:

- How to Use A Pendulum to Survive A Spiritual Awakening 

- Intentional 24/7: Guided Journal

- Questions to Ask Your Pendulum: Workbook


Once you receive your welcome kit, you can schedule your first session.


At the end of the mentorship, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, your spirituality, and the tools to continue growing and thriving in your spiritual journey. You will also have access to ongoing support through email and the option to schedule additional sessions if needed.


This mentorship is for anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual practice, connect with their intuition, and create a life filled with peace and joy. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this program will meet you where you are and guide you towards your highest potential. 

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