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Build Your Merkaba Pendulum
  • Build Your Merkaba Pendulum

    Build your own merkaba pendulum! Pick your crystal from the current inventory, then pick your chain design and length! 


    The Merkaba represents the integration and harmonization of masculine and feminine energies within you. By using a merkaba pendulum you can balance these energies, and tap into their full potential. A merkaba pendulum will guide you to experience a greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment.


    Your pendulum will come with a clasp, providing you with the flexibility to attach it to a necklace or any other location that feels right for you, ensuring safekeeping of your pendulum.


    All crystals are 1 of 1, your pendulum will truly be one of a kind. 


    Please note that I require 3-10 business days to complete and ship your order.


    Whether you are seeking answers to specific questions or seeking greater clarity in your life, this pendulum can help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.


    Thank you for choosing That Soul Glow to support you on your spiritual journey. I look forward to crafting a unique and meaningful pendulum just for you.


    *All pendulums chains and finishes are plated with 14k gold. 


    All sales are final. 

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