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Do you ship internationally?

 Yes, unless there is a travel restriction on your country, then unfortunately I cannot. Please check with your local postal office to see if they accept packages from the U.S.

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

Yes! I only shop at places that my pendulum approves of (and I suggest everybody do the same). These crystals are the real deal, the energy will speak for itself. 

How do I know what pendulum to begin with?

Let spirit choose! Click the live chat button and I will ask your spirit team which one is the best for you. 

What makes That Soul Glow's products so different?

Every item is made with love. I fully innerstand energy and I am intentional with everything I make. I know that everything, even crystals, has wants. I honor those wants and create beautiful masterpieces. The energy that I put in each piece radiates through to you, and leads you even further on your life journey.

The perfect catalyst.



All orders are shipped within 1-5 business days.


The order contains a custom made product. Customs usually take from 7-10 business days. If your order contains a custom made product, your whole order will be shipped within 7-10 business days. 

In the case that my site has gone viral and I have an influx of orders. I will email you and let you know to expect a longer wait time. Please be mindful that this situation is something that is out of my hands so please be patient if you have to wait. 

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