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Pink Sugar

OMG I absolutely love my custom pendulum so much! Jess, you're amazing! This is exactly what I needed. 


I just got my pendulum, I've been talking to my spirit team all day! This is so cool! I now know the names of my spirit guides! I even found out how to tell what thoughts are coming from my higher self. Much needed!


This pendulum life is amazing so far. I have been feeling so confident and at ease. What I really love is that it confirms what my intuition is telling me, which makes me even more confident! 


I'm OBSESSED with my new pendulum!!!!! And it came at the perfect time! I just had lunch with my boss to discuss my career and she gave me a raise! So grateful for you and to have access to your beautiful pieces of art!


Definitely a satisfied customer here and I will definitely purchase more items from this seller. Shipment was faster than I expected, and product is of very good quality.

Pink Sugar
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Wow! I just got my citrine necklace and I love it! After I put it on, I decided to apply for a loan that I was previously denied for. I got approved! I don't think it was a coincidence that I just put on my money magnet necklace!


My pendulum has helped me with so many of my decisions! It has become my bestie!  I recommend pendulums to all those who like divination. But not just any pendulum, a That Soul Glow pendulum! The energy in this pendulum is so much lighter than the pendulums I've bought from Amazon. 


Every time I have bought a custom pendulum, I get them intuitively made. I don't know how, but Jess ALWAYS knows exactly what I need! And you can feel the love that she puts into all her creations. That's what makes them even more special. 


This is my first pendulum. I just received it, and I love it already.

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As a return customer, I knew I’d find my new favorite divination tool from That Soul Glow! Jessica NEVER misses and each of her unique intuitively made items arrive with good vibes. It’s been a week and after bonding with my pendulum I feel like it was MADE for me! You can’t find any pendulums like these online or in-stores. My favorite feature is the clasp at the top so I can clip it to my necklaces and wear it. I highly recommend shopping with That Soul Glow to all of my friends looking for genuine pendulums to connect with their higher selves.

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